Respawn May Be Working on a New IP

Respawn Entertainment Teasing New IP

According to a recent Respawn Entertainment job posting, the development studio may be working on a new IP. This new job listing says things gamers would expect such as a passion for gaming and creating an inclusive environment, while the studio also claims a hard-zero policy against crunch and overtime, meaning whoever is hired won’t be worked to the bone. Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is available for free right now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

“We are looking for a full-time Generalist Software Engineer to join a small new team being formed to develop a brand new IP,” said the recent Respawn Entertainment job post. In the post, Respawn confirms that it has a “hard-zero policy against crunch and overtime,” and the hired candidate will have “ground floor involvement in developing a brand new IP.” Respawn is looking for someone who is familiar with C++, vector math, and linear algebra, while working there offers an extremely flat structure where voices are heard.

Some of the responsibilities Respawn Entertainment listed in its recent job posting for the new role in the studio include: active participation in promoting and building an inclusive work environment, investigate and solve challenges in all areas of development (whether it be gameplay, tools, audio, rendering, art, animation, AI, VFX, networking, etc.), empower teammates to use their strengths to their fullest, such as by collaborating to build useful tools, mentoring others, and tending to team health & culture.

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