Duke Nukem Dev Takes Aggressive Stance On Crunch Debate

‘Oh f**k off,’ Broussard Exclaims

The Last of Us Part II won big at The Game Awards, which ruffled some feathers online. Kotaku weighed in with a piece on how games made with crunch shouldn’t be showered with praise. George Broussard, one of the creators of Duke Nukem, had some strong words about this stance. Like all hot takes on Twitter, Broussard has met with some resistance.

Some people have pointed out that having Duke Nukem Forever on your resume adds a specific weight to your words. Others have used this chance to renew their attacks on Kotaku, which are pretty much ceaseless at this point. No matter your opinion, it’s probably not being represented correctly on Twitter.

Kotaku’s article doesn’t want crunch being rewarded with awards. Broussard on the other hand, thinks crunch is so ubiquitous and so hard to avoid that we might as well reward it? Actually, he said you can’t trust disgruntled employees, and that indie studios are very different from 300 person operations. At least one of those things is true, yes. Not to throw gasoline on a fire, but are the other hundreds of employees happy, or are they just not complaining? While there’s no sense in vilifying individual studios, we should still talk about crunch. Ignoring crunch is a good way to ensure that it stays a problem forever, you know?


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