Battle Pass and Seasons Coming to Sea of Thieves

Rare Giving Sea of Thieves Fans More Reason to Play

Rare Studios has officially confirmed that they’ll be bringing Seasons to Sea of Thieves which will include a battle pass style progression system. Sea of Thieves has been getting regular updates since it released in 2018, but it looks like Rare plans to keep giving fans a reason to log in throughout the next generation of Xbox. Sea of Thieves is available right now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and through the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

Sea of thieves ships of fortune

Rare Studios will debut the new seasons model in January, with a new voyage type for the Merchant Alliance trading company being among the new things joining Sea of Thieves Season 1. This voyage apparently casts players as detectives who have to piece together clues across the seven seas to locate a lost shipwreck and shipment similar to the event that ushered in the infamous Megaladon. Rare Studios recently confirmed that they’d continue to improve Sea of Thieves throughout 2021, but it looks like they’re going to improve the pirate simulation experience with seasons and battle passes.

Sea of Thieves fans can apparently expect to see seasons last about three months, with each season offering 100 levels of progression through the battle pass. The new content will remain free and Rare Studios doesn’t intend to remove content with the new additions, merely providing additional content for Sea of Thieves gamers to enjoy. Both the seasons and battle passes coming to Sea of Thieves will offer unique rewards to incentivize fans to keep coming back to the game.

In addition to the free battle passes coming to Sea of Thieves, there’s also a premium pass known as the Plunder Pass, which will apparently unlockĀ discounts for existing items in the premium Pirate Emporium store. Are you glad that seasons and battle passes are being added to Sea of Thieves? Let us know in the comments below!