Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley Review – A Beautiful Adventure

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley Review

Rejoice Moomin lovers! Moominvalley, with its unique characters, beautiful artwork, and sweet-natured story, is now available to explore from home. After many requests, Hyper Games developed this game with the help of the Norwegian Film Institute, with RAW Fury publishing. This adventure puzzle game is what many fans of the classic Finnish cartoon have been waiting for.

Welcome Back To Moominvalley!

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley immerses us in picturesque landscapes inspired by the iconic children’s story. This adventure allows us to explore Moominvalley the way Snufkin does in the series.

With stunning artwork and a beautiful soundtrack, the game takes us on a wholesome atmospheric journey. It blends original compositions and new sounds, creating exciting, cozy vibes.

The Story Behind Moominvalley

The game begins with Snufkin preparing to leave the valley for the wintertime, a familiar scenario in the original story. His sweet best friend, Moomintroll, needs some reassurance that his best friend will be back when spring comes.

There is not a deep explanation of the story if you are unfamiliar with it, but it’s quite easy to follow. If, after playing, you are curious about it, the game draws inspiration from four stories created by Tove Jansson: Moominsummer Madness, Moominpappa at Sea, The Invisible Child, and Comet in Moominland.

But even if you have never read or seen the 1980 Finnish cartoon you have probably seen one of the main characters in memes and merch. Either way, Moominvalleys’ story and characters will make you fall in love with this universe.

Snufkin’s Journey

During the game, you will play as Snufkin, who returns in the spring to find Moominvalley unnaturally disturbed. The Park Guard, a familiar character in the series, leads the unwelcome visitors who have taken over the beautiful valley.  The natural beauty is now ruined with signs, cobblestone paths, and gates that guard newly constructed parks.

Snufkin is shocked to see the valley transformed like that and will do all he can to restore it to its natural beauty. 

We find the valley’s inhabitants being forced to leave their homes to create these “beautiful parks”. Most side quests through the game are small missions to help the creatures of the valley. Confront the policeman working for the Park Guard and take the hideous parks down.

Some of these quests may take more time than expected but it seems fair considering the main story’s short length. The challenges can be done with minimum effort, all they require are Snufkins’ skills in playing musical instruments. 

Moreover, unlocking various areas on the open-world map offers more opportunities to level up. Furthermore, each area presents different challenges that require different instruments. Ultimately, it won’t take more than a few hours to complete the whole story so take your time and enjoy the visual experience.

Best friends Save the Environment together!

With the help of Little My, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, and more characters from the original series, this short but sweet adventure allows us to explore the world of Moominvalley.

Snufkin Memories of Moominvalley is a wholesome adventure with a clear message of environmental protection. It gives us a fresh take on the tale of human greed as a disruptor of nature.  A truly stunning homage to the work of Tove Jansson and the messages of friendship and respect in the story of Moominvalley.


The Good

  • Beautiful artwork and soundtrack.
  • Cozy atmospheric vibes.
  • Fun, charming story with an important message.

The Bad

  • Short quests and overall a short story.
  • Must finish quests before moving on to different areas.
  • Can’t go back to exploring the open world map once the main quest is finished.