Project xCloud Launched in Australia, Mexico, Japan, and Brazil

Project xCloud Is Now Available in Australia, Japan, and More

Project xCloud has officially entered its testing stages in Australia, Mexico, Japan, and Brazil, with a full release expected next year. When it officially launches in these regions, it will join the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup as it has in other markets, but currently, Xbox fans in these countries can give the service a try right now. While the service is available on Android devices, Microsoft is still working to get the cloud game streaming service up on iOS. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings the Game Pass lineup to Xbox consoles, PC, and mobile at $15 per month.

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With the initial testing stage of Project xCloud having begun in Japan, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil, the full Game Pass library may not be available right off the bat. The full library will join Project xCloud by the time it fully launches in these countries next year. Project xCloud brings over 100 titles to Android phones in the regions it has fully released in, recently bringing the EA Play lineup to the subscription service at no additional cost.

Project xCloud is supported on Android devices through the Xbox Game Streaming app in the Google Play Store, but Microsoft is still working hard to get the service working on iOS in the regions it releases in as well. Project xCloud is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese, so there won’t be a language barrier for countries that are only now entering the testing stages. With the recent launch of Xbox Series X/S in these countries as well, it’ll be interesting to see if the combination of next-gen technology and cloud game streaming will boost sales in regions such as Japan.

Are you looking forward to Project xCloud being available in your region or are you already playing your favorite Xbox games on an Android device? Let us know in the comments below!