Nintendo Switch Gets Accessible With the HORI Flex

Video Games Are For Everyone

Gaming is a wonderful experience–one that can truly bring people together, if only to scream incoherently about how that last move was absolutely cheating, you hacked it, didn’t you. For most players, all you need is a console, maybe an extra controller, and you’re off. But some people need a bit more support before they can start playing. The Nintendo Switch has just been added to the ranks of consoles with accessibility controllers, meaning the HORI Flex can now stand proud beside the Xbox Adaptive Controller. But what is the HORI Flex, exactly?

A picture of the accessibility controller HORI Flex.

Brought to the Switch by Japanese accessory manufacturer Hori, the HORI Flex is a Switch and joystick interface controller that can also be hooked up to your PC. It’s accompanied by a remapping app that allows for six different configurations, opening things up for customization. Hori is known for producing great controllers, so we’ve officially got our hopes up for this offering. Disabled gamers have been looking for this sort of thing.

Although the HORI Flex is currently limited to a Japanese release, where it can reportedly be purchased for approximately $230 or £180, we’re all hoping for a North American–or, ideally, global–release. More and more games, such as The Last of Us: Part 2, are including accessibility options in their software, but it’s entirely different when consoles and controllers are built from the ground up with accessibility in mind. I think we can all agree that it’s amazing when a system is designed specifically for you. The world suddenly seems so much brighter when you have proof that someone thought about you and wanted to make sure you enjoyed yourself. Especially when that means deviating from a well-established formula.

A picture of the accessibility controller HORI Flex.

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