Cyberpunk 2077 Gets its Own Music Video

No Save Point is Now Streaming

Fresh off the heels of Stormzy releasing a music video for his song, Rainfall, to promote Watch Dogs: Legion, American Hip Hop band have released a video for their own song, No Save Point, which was written for CD Projekt Red’s upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077.

The music video juxtaposes the duo, EI-P and Killer Mike, singing in a variety of glitchy environments, with a variety of CGI characters and live-action actors decked out in the various styles you’ll come across as you explore Night City, as well as some creepier touches such as wires snaking out of a character’s wrist, a woman on a digital web as a spiderbot approaches, or shots of some of the more extreme body mods, such as characters with the top halves of their face replaced with a camera array.

Interestingly, the song explicitly references Keanu Reevers, the beloved actor who portrays rock star and AI companion Johnny Silverhand. Senior Quest Designer Patrick R. Mills mentioned that Keanu does exist as a separate character in the Cyberpunk Universe as a little known Collapse-era actor who bears a striking resemblance to Silverhand. This implies that in this universe cyberpunk movie The Matrix wasn’t one of the biggest franchises of the nineties/early 21st century.

The song also directly references Run the Jewels, with RTJ being repeated throughout the intro. There’s no confirmation as to whether Run the Jewels themselves exist in the Cyberpunk universe, with the duo performing under the name Yankee and the Brave. Perhaps Run the Jewels are themselves a little known band who bear a striking resemblance to Yankee and the Brave in the Cyberpunk universe? We don’t know yet, but given the sheer amount of lore we’re likely going to get when Cyberpunk 2077 drops, don’t rule out finding an explanation somewhere.

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