Demon’s Souls Remake Has a New Secret Door

Maybe More Secrets to be Revealed

The Demon’s Souls Remake has been received incredibly well with the release of PlayStation 5. The cult classic that received mixed reviews back in PS3 days, we can confidently say that the world just wasn’t ready for the groundbreaking genre at the time. The new remake, which looks absolutely beautiful, has been recreated with the utmost care, and some have even called it “faithful to a fault”. However, recently a new door was discovered that certainly wasn’t there in the original.

The remake was made by Bluepoint Games, who also made the excellent Shadow of the Colussus remake. Within that game, they had also left a new mystery secret for players to solve. If it is similar case with SotC, we probably shouldn’t expect too much out of this door then a little easter egg.

Demon's Souls PS5

However, we will never know until we get to the bottom of this mystery. Maybe there is a whole new content through the door we weren’t expecting? I love things like this because it gives something for the community to band over and solve.