Persona 5 Mochibi Plushies Will Steal Your Heart

Come Forth, My Plushie Self

Do you like phantom thieves? We sure do, and so does Japan. From Arsène Lupin to Kaitou Kid, mysterious and flamboyant thieves have made themselves at home in Japanese pop culture. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts from Persona 5 are some of the most recent additions to the roster of high-profile fictional thieves, but they’ve already made themselves at home in consoles around the world and the hearts of countless fans, even on the far side of the ocean. And soon, they’ll be right at home in your arms or on your shelf. Mochibi, maker of adorable cylindrical plush dolls, has announced a collaboration with Atlus over Twitter. With their powers combined, the Persona 5 cast will soon be available for purchase in tiny plushie form!

Mochibi has previously teamed up with Atlus to produce limited-edition plushies of Persona 5‘s feline mascot Morgana and the Shin Megami Tensei franchise’s overall mascot, Jack Frost. This gives us an idea of what their new offerings will look like. Plus, they’ve also teased the possibility that Morgana and Jack Frost might return for a giveaway.

Persona 5 Royal

Are you excited? We know we are! Persona 5 isn’t just one of our favorite games, it set a new bar for the Persona franchise as a whole, setting record numbers for sales even in the west. Apparently, the game’s themes of rebellion and fighting against a corrupt system resonated with the overseas audience as deeply as they did in Japan. That, or people just really like phantom thieves. Or both? It could be both.

The plushies will be unveiled sometimes in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled.

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