Marvel’s Avengers Update Adds New Outpost and Quality of Life Fixes

A Minor Upgrade

Since its release, Marvel’s Avengers has been criticized for its bugs, which have been many, while supported by fans who have always wanted a proper Avengers game. While we may be out of the honeymoon phase of its release, die-hard fans have stuck around, but some players have left for newer games. Crystal Dynamics is adamant that players will return once the DLC starts to land, but this new update is not that promised-land DLC, though it is nice for those die-hards. The new Marvel’s Avengers update adds a new SHIELD outpost and just makes a ton of things nicer.

Marvel's Avengers Update

The new update sort of leads into the upcoming Hawkeye DLC. We have seen the new SHIELD outpost coming in trailers, which acts as a hub like the Ant Hill and the Chimera. Players visit these locations to buy new gear and take on new missions. One of the new quality of life improvements add remote terminals to each outpost so that players don’t actually have to physically visit all the different outposts to turn in quests and get rewards. That is a big thumbs-up from your ol’ pal Zane since the gear vendors just had way too much annoying personality for characters I cared nothing for. So long, Gaffer!

Another addition is the Tachyon Rift missions. Tachyons are hypothetical particles that move faster than light, which often used to explain time travel in sci-fi movies, shows, and books. It also appears that they will play into the story of Taking AIM where we see OG Hawkeye disappear into a Tachyon Rift to investigate the disappearance of Nick Fury. The Tachyon Rift missions will award players Cosmic Gear, which apparently is some next level stuff, however it takes some next level heroes to complete. These missions require your Avengers to be at least at a power level of 140. Get to grinding. Marvel’s Avengers is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia. Check out the full patch notes in the link below.

Will you be jumping in to the Tachyon Rift missions? Let us know in the comments below.