Crystal Dynamics: Marvel’s Avengers DLC Will Boost Player Activity

Keep a Hawkeye Out For More Content

Lately, Marvel’s Avengers players on PC have been losing interest in the game. There have even been reports of matchmaking difficulties on PC as a result of dwindling player activity. As an avid player of the game, I can admit that the missions do get repetitive after you finish the game. If you are trying to max out your characters’ power level or going for the achievements/trophies, you are in for a serious grind. Crystal Dynamics’ Scot Amos spoke with Kotaku about this and he believes that the upcoming content will bring players back across all platforms.

Marvel's Avengers DLC

The said content is of course Hawkeye, both Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. Amos did not go into specifics about the new content, but he reiterated what was revealed during the last War Table presentation: “a totally new War Zone mission type called Tachyon Rifts, a new Outpost that’s a jumping off point for new story missions in the future, and AIM’s Cloning Lab, which requires a coordinated high-level group of four players to beat with new top-end loot rewards for finishing it. And in each of these updates we do tuning and bug fixing to enhance the overall experience.”

What would really get fans paying attention would be a release date. The Hawkeyes are likely going to be released separately, starting with Kate Bishop, who we will hopefully be playing as before the end of the year. If you are feeling the Avengers burnout, just take a bit of a break like your ol’ pal Zane. Pop back in in a week or two. Marvel’s Avengers is out now for PC, Stadia, PS4, and Xbox One.

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