Join the Blankos Block Party in Exclusive Private Beta

Get Ready to Hit the Block

Mythical Games, led by veteran developers who brought you Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, today announced the beta of their brand new toy collecting MMO mashup – Blankos Block Party!

The beta starts on November 17.

Blankos Block Party is a techno-coloured, high-energy MMO with a heavy focus on customisation and player built levels. The Blankos themselves are digital vinyl toys designed by artists like┬áJohn-Paul Kaiser, Tara McPBherson and Pete Fowler – whose crazy work you can check out online. It should be no surprise that some of the developers of Blankos Block Party also worked on the Skylanders series, and this has the potential to be a similarly hyper-collectible phenomenon.

Beginning today, players will have an opportunity to get exclusive in-game goodies and founder’s bragging rights as multiple “founders packs” become available. The packs are available in four tiers starting at $24.99 USD, and go up to $149.99 USD, with each pack containing increasing amounts of exclusive Blankos, in-game currency, emoticons and more. What makes Blankos Block Party so unique is that when you buy a Blanko, you own it, like purchasing a piece of digital art. None of the founders packs Blankos will ever be made available again, so this is your only chance to own these exclusive designs.

Blankos Block Party aims to be the next big thing when it comes to online multiplayer madness. From the gameplay reveal trailer, the Block Party looks like the child of Fortnite and Little Big Planet; with shooting and jetpacks, as well as powerful creation tools and a bonkers irreverent sense of humour. Players who purchase a founders pack will have priority access to the private online beta, giving them a chance to be in at the ground level and help define the kind of crazy experience that Blankos Block Party grows into.

Mythical Games have their eye on the future, with all founders packs being purchasable in flat as well as digital currencies, and all purchases will be numbered and recorded on blockchain – potentially enhancing the resale value as more Blankos are created and these founders editions become rare collectibles. Blankos Block Party has been announced for PC, with other platforms to follow.

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Source: Press Release