Dead by Daylight’s Halloween Event is Getting Messy

Once Again, the Playerbase Agree on Something

Dead by Daylight’s players have been warring seemingly since the game was first released. Killer mains find issue with some survivors who rely on stealth to avoid participating in gameplay while still winning or using too many second-chance perks (which allow the chance to escape after being downed – particularly infuriating given that two of them, Decisive Strike and Unbreakable, are a part of the ongoing meta) whereas survivors have been complaining about the killer’s use of crutch perks, such as No One Escapes Death or Ruin, to make up for bad skills. Add to that the usual issues such as camping, teabagging, or general BM’ing, and it’s a community like any other assymetrical PVP game – in fact, the only thing which seemingly unites the playerbase are complaining about developer BHVR.

We’ve previously written about how a previous patch united the fandom in anger, but the Halloween event is also causing the fandom to agree that, once again, BHVR have messed up.

The crux of it this time is the Halloween cosmetics. In previous years, players were able to pay for these cosmetics with the event currency, Putrid Serum, which is earned through completing challenges or by harvesting the serum in-game. While the harvest mechanic has returned, and challenges once again reference the serum’s lore, players are no longer able to purchase the cosmetics using event currency – instead, they must pay in either auric cells – purchasable with real-world money – or iridescent shards – earned through gameplay, albeit coming at a much higher cost than in auric cells.

Players have also complained about the two new add-on’s, Blight Serum and Refined Serum. Both give killers and survivors, respectively, a notable speed boost, albeit a larger one in killer’s cases in exchange for losing their power until it’s used. However, whereas the Blight serum is only available during the event, Refined serum will be available at all times, making it harder for killers to catch up in a game where a skilled looper can keep a chase going for a long time, giving killers little choice but to give up and hunt easier prey.

The removal of the ability to buy these cosmetics with event currency has set reddit aflame, with players complaining that there isn’t so much an event as there is a glorified battle pass¬†or cash grab.

The good news is that BHVR are addressing complaints in their own way – they’ve announced a large sale on cosmetics, and have begun a free give-away of both bloodpoints and iridescent shards for signing into the game, peaking at 100k Bloodpoints and 2750 Iridescent Shards for logging in each day from October 30th to November 1st. It might not get you much in the way of the new cosmetics, but they can be used towards new perks or even new characters.

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