Bright Memory Infinite Releasing in 2021

Bright Memory Infinite Coming Next Year

Bright Memory Inifinite recently got showcased during GDC 2020 and it’s coming to next-gen Xbox consoles sooner than expected from the solo developer FYQD Studio. According to FYQD, Bright Memory Infinite will release for Xbox Series X/S and PC next year. Bright Memory Infinite is being developed using the latest Unreal Engine, and it blends melee and ranged combat with an emphasis on quick mobility. The Xbox Series X/S releases on November 10th, but Bright Memory Infinite will be coming in 2021.

Bright Memory released out of Early Access in March and those who own it on Steam have reviewed the game quite positively. Steam gamers who took park in Bright Memory Infinite’s Early Access will receive the game for free when it releases in full next year. Bright Memory Infinite was initially intended to release as an episodic experience, but based on a combination of passion and fan interest, FYQD Studio decided to make it as fleshed out of an experience as possible.

Bright Memory Infinite was apparently planned as an Xbox Series X/S launch window title before, but now the game will be releasing later in 2021. While Bright Memory Infinite won’t be releasing until 2021, Bright Memory is releasing for the Xbox Series X/S on the launch day for the next-gen console, November 10th. Bright Memory will lead up to the upcoming Bright Memory Infinite developed by FYQD Studio and Xbox gamers can catch up on the storyline immediately upon the launch of the next-gen console.

Will you be playing Bright Memory on the launch of Xbox Series X/S or will you be waiting for Bright Memory Infinite? Let us know in the comments below!