Ubisoft Forward Coming Next Week

Game Formerly Known As Gods and Monsters To Maybe Make An Entrance

The rumors are true! The next Ubisoft Forward live stream is happening on September 10th, 12pm PDT. A teaser trailer has been released which showcases some of what we’ll be seeing. Maybe we’ll even get a good look at that game that used to be Gods and Monsters!

Hyper Scape

It’s not fully official yet, but word on the wire is that the new name is Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Heck, we might even get some gameplay! The quick teaser reel also shows off brief footage from Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Siege, and Hyperscape. There may be some surprises still in store, though this seems like a strange time for a massive announcement.

While we’ll definitely learn about things like in-game rewards, DLC content, and upcoming features, expect the presentation to be light on things like concrete release dates. If Sony and Microsoft can’t yet commit to a release date for their respective consoles, there’s little chance that any individual publisher will be able to do so either. Although time is running out to even make that holiday 2020 window, we’re still being continuously reassured that things are right on schedule.