A Silent Hill Legend Comes to Dead by Daylight

Some People Can’t Move For Foggy Horror

Dead By Daylight has a lot of characters. On the killer side, each comes with their own unique powers, but on the survivor side the difference is purely cosmetic. Sure, each has their own unique perks, but there’s no reason you can’t play all of Jake’s perks on Steve. Some characters, like Claudette, lend themselves better to stealth (Hands up if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a Blendette) while others are louder when injured, but they all run at the same speed (which is a feat, considering Meg is a champion sprinter while Bill is in his sixties) and have access to the same basic skills, but a meta has emerged where some characters are favoured, either by people who go out of their way to troll the opponent or by players looking for an edge.

That’s not to say that character choice aren’t a big deal. One of my best friend almost exclusively plays David whereas I switch between Jeff, Steve, and Cheryl. I have my favorite outfits for each, and Dead by Daylight are capitalizing on that with the Legends collection of cosmetics, currently only available for Cheryl, Pyramid Head, and The Legion (Dressed as Silent Hill’s Robbie the Rabbit)

The idea is that, unlike other cosmetics that let you mix and match, you have a specific outfit that lets you switch your character for another, and everything’s locked. Thus far this has allowed players to switch Cheryl to either Lisa or Alessa (If Alessa can even be considered a change), and now players can switch Cheryl to legendary Silent Hill character, Cybil Bennet, who was a crucial ally in Harry Mason’s search for his daughter Cheryl in the first game.

The new outfit costs 1485 Auric Cells (In-game currency) and comes with the Brahm’s Police Department Shirt and Pants, and the Honourable Cop hairstyle, as well as changing Cheryl’s face to more closely match Cybil’s.

Does this mean more Silent Hill characters could make appearances, at least as cosmetics? Well, nothing’s confirmed yet, but I’d personally love to see Silent Hill 2’s Maria turn up, given her own significant dealings with Pyramid Head – although as a manifestation of the town who was specifically created to die at his hands repeatedly in order to torture protagonist James for his guilt over the death of his wife, Mary, perhaps her inclusion would be too on the nose as she was never a real person to begin with, unlike the other survivors in the roster.

Who’s your DBD main? Have you ever been trapped in a town that occasionally twists into a nightmarish otherworld to punish you for perceived sins you may or may not remember? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Source: Press Release