Chill Bird Times Flying In With Wingspan This Week

Relax And Eat Some Worms, Maybe

The world is a whole lot right now. If you’re sick of the state of things, maybe you need a super chill bird-based strategy game? Wingspan is coming on September 17th to put your mind at ease, and also get more birds in your life. Just so many birds, all looking utterly delightful.


1 to 5 players compete to just like, have the best birds in their respective wildlife preserves. The stakes are low, the art is lovely, and the gameplay is suitably compelling to keep you coming back time and time again. Fans have been patiently awaiting the digital version of this award-winning strategy game for some time now, but the wait is almost over!

While the Steam release is happening this week, the game is either out now, sometime later, or a couple of months ago for the Nintendo
Switch. Or maybe never? Either way, you can definitely get the game for Steam on September 17th. There’s a short trailer embedded below, if you want a better look at the gameplay in action. So far it seems extremely chill, in that fast-paced card game kind of way that only makes sense while you’re playing.

SOURCE: Press Release