Big (And Small) Things are Coming to Dead by Daylight

See You in the Fog

It’s official: Dead by Daylight is coming to next gen consoles.

While this move could have reasonably been predicted – after all, the game’s newest chapter, Descend Beyond, is due out this month – it’s still nice to have confirmation, especially now that developers Behaviour have confirmed that players who already own the game will get a free copy of the next-gen version when they upgrade and get to keep all their progress- however, there’s no news on whether this will apply to, say, an Xbox player who’s switching to the PS5.

Also coming to Dead by Daylight is what the developers are calling The Realm Beyond, a major graphical overhaul that aims to make the game more immersive than ever. The first maps being worked on are Springwood and the Yamaoka Estate, but there’s also an update to generators and chests on all maps, as well as updated looks for lockers and pallets.

Interestingly, the statement also claims that new updates will happen at the time as regularly scheduled content drops. Given that the next chapter still doesn’t have a release date, we can estimate that it’ll drop on September 8th alongside the first graphical update, especially since the PTB is testing both.

The new chapter comes with a new killer and a new survivor, but no new map this time. The killer is The Blight, who can bounce off walls and move at high speeds to catch his prey. He comes with three new perks: Dragon’s Grip, which gives the exposed effect to the first survivor who touches a damaged generator; Hex: Undying, which reveals the aura of any survivor within 2 meters of a totem and transfers a hex to a new totem if it gets cleansed, and Hex: Blood Favor, which prevents survivors from using pallets.

The survivor is Felix Richter, an architect and descendant of a secret society. His perks are Visionary, which lets you see the auras of any generators within 32 meters, Desperate Measures, which increases his healing and unhooking speed for each injured, hooked, or dying survivor, an Built to Last, which lets depleted items regenerate up to 50% of their charges.

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Source: Twitter