Legendary Coyotes Added to Red Dead Online

Did They Re-Add Those Things They Removed?

Recently, a game-breaking update to Red Dead Online was rolled back by Rockstar. The update somehow got past the QA testers and ended up removing wildlife from the game, removing essential NPCs, crashing the game, and just making the horses completely broken. The roll back has been applied to all platforms now, so hopefully everything is working right in time for this new Legendary animal. Yesterday, the Legendary Coyote was added to the game. At this rate, there will only be legendary animals. And when every animal is legendary, none of them will be.

Red Dead Online The Naturalist

Or maybe all the animals will be legendary and hunting will be that much more profitable. That will make it easier to save up for that rocket-propelled, golden horse that Rockstar will surely release, if the crazy GTA Online vehicles are any example to go by. These new legendary coyotes come as Red Streak or Midnight Paw Coyotes. Bringing their pelts to Gus will get you some special threads made out of your new kill. Though the quick video Rockstar tweeted out did not mention, there is also likely an exclusive reward for those Naturalists helping out Harriet with these new coyotes.

The legendary coyotes join an ever-growing list of legendary animals including gators, rams, beavers, boars, foxes, elks, cougars, bison, and wolves. Happy hunting! Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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