Latest Red Dead Online Update Breaks the Game

Update for a Downgrade

There have been ups and downs in Red Dead Online lately. Well, there have been downs and an up. After a long awaited content update with The Naturalist, Rockstar followed up with an update. You know, minor housekeeping and stuff. Unfortunately, the cleaners must have taken the week off, because Red Dead Online became a mess after this update. There have been a ton of reports of different bugs ranging from inconveniences to literally unplayble. Someone on Reddit with a great sense of humor posted a mock patch notes detailing the different bugs.

Red Dead Online Update

Fortunately, Rockstar has rolled back this update. What is that called? An undate? Regardless, this roll back on the PS4 and Xbox One will hopefully make the game more stable for players. When it was active, the update accidentally removed certain NPCs from the game such as Cripps, Marcel, Harriet, and Gus, all of whom are important to camps, moonshine shacks, and the Naturalist role. Basically, your favorite activities have been disabled. Anyone hoping to delve into the new Naturalist content would be hampered anyway since the update also made animals almost completely disappear. Bounty Boards had apparently also been disabled by the update. Horses would also glitch out in various ways, including with flight. This would all be really annoying, if there weren’t also crashes and error messages popping up every other minute.

The worst part of this is that the update had been active for four days before being addressed and rolled back by Rockstar. What can I say? The wild West was an unforgiving place. Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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