Big Game Mode Changes Coming to Hitman 3

No More Ghost Mode

IO Interactive published a blog post that goes into much more detail about the game modes coming to Hitman 3. Also the game modes that won’t be coming to the game! It seems that Ghost Mode is off the table, and some changes are being made to other game modes.

Hitman 3

You can read the whole blog post in greater detail here. Sort of. Elusive Targets are changing in a way that’s being properly revealed at a later date. Meanwhile, the Campaign, Escalations, Contracts, and Sniper Assassins modes are returning much as you remember them. Okay, so we’re actually getting very few details about the upcoming game mode changes.

We do know a little more about the absence of Ghost Mode, however. Not only is it not coming to Hitman 3, but the Ghost Mode servers for Hitman 2 are being shut down on August 31st, 2020. The development team is adamant that they “have learnt a hell of a lot from Ghost Mode over the last two years.” It seems that focus is being shifted from Ghost Mode to other areas in the World of Assassination. We’ll hopefully learn more about what else is coming to Hitman 3 as we get closer to January 2021.