Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal Coming to Nintendo Switch

2006 Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch This Winter

Feral Interactive is set to deliver an exciting gaming treat for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts. They’ve unveiled “Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal,” an enhanced edition of the beloved 2006 stealth classic. While the release date remains vague, it’s confirmed for a ‘Winter’ launch.

Watch the announcement trailer here:

This revamped version will encompass all twelve original sandbox missions, coupled with significant improvements borrowed from subsequent iterations. Players can now harness “Instinct Mode” to pinpoint crucial targets and objectives. Moreover, an ever-present mini-map will be at their disposal, ensuring seamless navigation through the game’s intricate world.

Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal

What truly sets “Reprisal” apart is the incorporation of a wide array of gameplay enhancements, promising an elevated experience for both newcomers and dedicated fans. Previously, Hitman: Blood Money received re-releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Switch owners can finally rejoice as these new features will undoubtedly compensate for their extended wait.

As for the exact release date, details remain under wraps for now. However, rest assured that we will keep you informed, ensuring you don’t miss out on the thrilling return of Agent 47 to the Nintendo Switch platform. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting stealth adventure!