Platinum Games Continues Work on Babylon’s Fall

Platinum Games Continues Development on Babylon’s Fall

Platinum Games recently confirmed that development on Babylon’s Fall continues despite very little information or announcements. The studio intended to show off some more information about Babylon’s Fall this summer but will apparently have to push the new information until next summer. Square Enix and Platinum Games are both working to create a new cinematic trailer or gameplay footage for fans to digest ahead of the release of Babylon’s Fall but they have yet to unveil much beyond the State of Play trailer. Babylon’s Fall is expected to release for PS4 and PC, though it may wind up on the PS5 as well.

“Thank you to all fans who’ve been following along for updates on Babylon’s Fall. While we hoped to reveal more about the game this summer, we can share that development on Babylon’s Fall is continuing to progress well, with the team working safely from home,” said Platinum Games. “Square Enix and Platinum Games are committed to delivering an exhilarating experience and we look forward to showcasing much more on Babylon’s Fall to you as soon as we can.”

Platinum Games’ Babylon’s Fall was initially unveiled in 2018 and very little has been announced of the new title beyond a State of Play trailer. Square Enix and Platinum Games are likely working to create a successor to NieR: Automata with Babylon’s Fall whenever it eventually releases. With a long wait between now and summer of next year, we won’t expect to hear much about Babylon’s Fall for a while, but it’ll be interesting to see how Platinum and Square Enix replicate the success found with NieR: Automata.

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