Reddit User Highlights Warzone Issues

Reddit User Whiskauskass33 List Warzone Complaints 

Ever since Call of Duty Warzone released, it has been a huge success for Activision. Although many players love the game, it does not mean that the title is without its fair share of criticism from the community. With many fans complaining about certain components of the game, one Reddit user has compiled all the complaints players want to be addressed in future updates.

Reddit user Whiskauskas33 has listed 25 things he claims fans of the game want to be improved. In his post, he makes it clear that these are not his thoughts, “So I made a list (based on people’s posts here) of all the things devs could do to improve the game and the gameplay.”

Whiskauskas’ list includes:

  1. Deal with hackers and cheaters (okay, this should be a priority).

  2. Make Xbox be able to turn of crossplay and play with consoles only.

  3. Make picking up armor satchels and other stuff easier (make loot drop a little bit wider so it doesn’t stack).

  4. Add new stuff to the map because it is becoming stale (well, train and stadium opening are apparently a thing so there is that).

  5. When armoring, let the cracked armor be the last one to replace (for example, you have 0.5 armor and you put 2 plates, you should have 2.5 armor, and not 2).

  6. Add at least one more entry point to the top of some buildings (airport tower, hospital roof…).

  7. Nerf (insert most used weapon at the moment) bruen.

  8. FOV sliders for consoles.

  9. Fix the servers.

  10. Nerf the C4 radius blast.

  11. Make separate loadouts for MP and Warzone.

  12. Add a button for toggling gas mask on and off (IMO, the gas mask is fine as it is, it gives you time in the gas, and would be OP if you could manually put it on and off).

  13. Plunder should be 5 million for the win because games end too soon (I don’t play plunder so don’t know nothing about that).

  14. Add some new finishing moves (apparently most of the recent ones included dogs as a finishing move).

  15. Make supply choppers come from the sky and not the ground (they may have fixed that, not sure).

  16. Remove the cinematic when entering the gulag because it blocks the killcam.

  17. Make the ladders more accessible in the fire station towers when trying to go down (also known as towers of death).

  18. Fix the gas visuals (some people have clearer view in the gas or outside the gas, I don’t really know for sure how it works).

  19. Make the update size smaller.

  20. Shield turrets should have the options to be placed on the back of the truck.

  21. Climbing the rocks.

  22. You should be able to buy armor satchels at the buy station.

  23. More than one people should be able to use lifts at the same time.

  24. Something about intel missions not tracking.

  25. SBMM (basically some people find it stupid, others not)

Although many of Whiskauskas33’s points are valid, it is unclear if Activision and Infinity Ward will address the issues. The next update for the title is set to release when Season 5 starts on August 5.