Warzone Fans Are Pleading With Developers to Nerf Certain Weapons

The Mid-Season Update Can’t Come Soon Enough

Warzone fans have taken to Twitter and other forms of social media to plead with Infinity Ward to nerf certain weapons that are dominating the meta. While there are various disagreements about which weapons are more powerful than others, there appears to be a general consensus that the Grau assault rifle is too powerful.

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The Grau has recently exploded in popularity over the past month or so after players realized how useful it was in Warzone matches. One of the significant advantages of the Grau is its absurd bullet velocity and lack of recoil. This has made it possible for just about anyone to beam other players from absurd distances without any trouble at all. It is not uncommon for snipers to lose against Grau users just do to how easy it is to use.

Thankfully for fans, their begging has not fallen on deaf ears. Infinity Ward is more than aware that the Grau is in need of a nerf. Joe Cecot, one of the big wigs at Infinity Ward recently replied to a disheveled fan on Twitter about the problem of the current Warzone meta. Cecot confirmed that there are going to be a handful of weapon updates when the midseason patch releases. Fans can expect to see this highly anticipated tweak to the game sometime in early July.

Games can still certainly be won by using loadout and weapons that are “off-meta” but you will be at a large disadvantage. It is not very often that an entire community has shifted over to a specific playstyle so decisively. Hopefully whatever is in the midseason update is able to entice the community enough to not just run the same old MP5 and Grau class that is currently so common.