Heated Spat Between Ninja and Alinity Ends in Apologies

That’s a First for the Internet

A few days ago, some off-stream entertainment and thought was provided to the internet from some high-profile streamers. xQc made some comments about charity streamers and their charity streams, saying that in many cases nonprofit organizations have been paying sponsorships to streamers to hold charity streams; a charity pays a streamer a flat amount and they fund raise for them xQc even said that he has been made such offers. Fortnite streamer DrLupo chimed in with a statement saying that he has denied payments like this for his charity streams. DrLupo has raised upwards of one million dollars for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Ninja and Alinity

Things get a little heated when Ninja’s manager/wife Jessica Blevins stepped in. As you may know, Ninja is a super-popular streamer and has done many charity streams as well as donated a lot of his own earnings to charity. Jessica Blevins went on the attack for xQc’s comments calling them “trash”, which escalated to personal insults, where Ninja himself got involved. And then Alinity popped up, making a joke at Ninja’s expense. Obviously, Alinity is an easy target for her accusations of animal abuse on her stream, which Ninja wasted no time in bringing up. Taking it very personally, Alinity called Ninja “the most toxic person in gaming.”

A couple of days had gone by and everyone involved had cooled off. Rob Breslau, who was also involved in the argument, took the initiative to apologize about what he said to Alinity, saying that “i have deleted my recent Alinity tweet as it contributes to a culture of online bullying and toxicity.” Ninja retweeted that statement and added his own apology to Alinity, who responded in kind. Whoo, that was something. Very rarely do we see such personal arguments end in apologies. Who knows if all is actually forgiven or if they are all cool with each other, but I guess the important thing is they are all very passionate about charity? I don’t know what to take away from this.

Back to xQc’s original comments, do you think it is appropriate for streamers to get paid for a charity stream? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GameRant