Halo Infinite Will Include Grappling Hook in PvP and 4-Player Split Screen Coop

Grappling Hook Will Be a Power Pick-up

There were many exciting things teased in the trailers for Halo Infinite, one of the biggest being the grappling hook, allowing Master Chief unparalleled mobility on the battlefield. One of the big questions was, is it going to be available for the PvP multiplayer? The answer is, YES!

The grappling hook will be a power pick-up, which I don’t think comes as a surprise for most Halo veterans. With the game revolving around map control to contest for powerful weapon spawns, this format fits right into the Halo code of competition.

Furthermore, Halo Infinite is bringing back the good-old couch co-op experience with up to 4-player split-screen! Of course, the question is how this might affect the frame rate, but playing it on the new 4k-graphics of Xbox Series X will elevate the smaller screen spaces for sure. Bungie has however confirmed that the campaign will only feature 2 player coop, and only other modes like firefight or fighting against each other will allow the four-way split.

I really wonder why they don’t allow campaign for 4-player coop. Is it for balance reasons? I personally don’t really care about balance if I’m playing with 3 of my buds, just make it crazy!