Fatshark Remains Comitted to Vermintide 2 With Announcment of Darktide

A Letter to the Vermintide Community

With the recent announcement of the Warhammer 40K squad shooter, Darktide, the community of Vermintide 2 has grown a bit nervous about the continued development of their game. The worries aren’t unfounded as Vermintide, a similar coop game with fantasy elements, is a host of a small but incredibly passionate fanbase who fears that they may be left in the dust. Thankfully, Fatshark made an announcement yesterday which promises them that they will remain faithful to their community.

In their post on Steam, they stated the following:

“When we first launched Vermintide 2, we knew we had something special, but the truth is, it has surpassed any of our expectations with us now eclipsing over 5 million players across all platforms. Simply put. We are humbled, and eternally grateful. For you, the community is what has continued to push us by providing feedback and helping us make the game better than it ever has been. Thank you for being a part of the journey, and for playing and loving Vermintide & Vermintide 2.

With the announcement of Darktide, we understand that you might have a lot of questions – mostly surrounding our commitment to Vermintide 2. The answer is simple:

We remain committed to Vermintide 2.

We are looking forward to the continuous development of Vermintide 2, and the next major DLC update coming is Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Chaos Wastes. We are also already working on the next career following the positive reception of the Grail Knight… and of course, so much more that we are not ready to announce.

We could not be more excited about the future – both for Darktide, and Vermintide 2. We are Warhammer fans at heart, and the ability to grow the studio, learn, and deepen our efforts in the Warhammer universe – well, that is our passion.”

With slow development and support for Vermintide 2 in the past, I don’t blame the community for getting a little antsy. Such things as an in-game cosmetic shop took months longer than expected to come out, and the verses mode which was supposed to be released half a year ago, is still nowhere to be seen. We hope best for both Darktide and Vermintide going forward.