Far Cry 6 Collector’s Edition Is Flaming Hot – That’s a Pun!

The Fires of Revolution

Yesterday, during Ubisoft Forward, Far Cry 6 was officially revealed with a very tense trailer. It set the stage with a setting of civil unrest and the iron fist of a dictator. Hot on the heels of the reveal, Ubisoft is making Far Cry 6 available for pre-order in its various editions. There are four different editions for players to choose from across the different platforms. Not all editions can be pre-ordered right from the get-go, but perhaps at a later date. Just the details about what is included with the different editions reveals quite a lot about the game.

Far Cry 6 Collector's Edition

When pre-ordered, the Standard Edition comes with a couple of in-game bonuses: Discos Locos (a deadly disc-launcher) and Libertad Chorizo, a differently-abled puppy with a wagon where his hind legs should be. The Gold Edition comes with the season pass, which includes 3 DLC packs “and more”. The Ultimate Edition comes with the season pass and three cosmetic packs: the Croc Hunter Pack, Vice Pack, and Jungle Expedition Pack, which appear to have different outfits, weapons skins, vehicles, and companions. The Collector’s Edition comes with everything above plus a lot more. The centerpiece of this edition is the (non-functional) “Tostador” flamethrower. It also comes with assembly instructions for the flamethrower, a 64-page art book, a set of stickers, the soundtrack, a Chorizo keychain, a map of Yara, and a steelbook case.

All the different editions on Ubisoft’s website have a checklist of what comes with it. The steelbook case is unchecked for each of them, so it remains to be seen how fans can get it. The Standard Edition costs $59.99, the Gold Edition costs $99.99, the Ultimate Edition costs $119.99, and the Collector’s Edition costs $199.99. Those are the prices on Ubisoft’s website, but may vary between retailers. There is also the option to get Far Cry 6 through Uplay+, which is the equivalent of the Ultimate Edition. Far Cry 6 will be coming out on February 18th, 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5.

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Source: Ubisoft