Bioshock Creator Still Working on Weird Games

Bioshock’s Ken Levine Is Still Working on “Weird S%*&”

During a recent GameLab 2020 event, Ken Levine revealed a very minor detail about the title he’s working on Take-Two. The game will reportedly include “weird s%*&,” but Levine didn’t confirm whether it will be weirder than the Bioshock series or not. Ken Levine was series creator, designer and writer for Bioshock and although Take-Two is working on the next Bioshock title, he’s doing something else within the company. Bioshock: The Collection brings together all of the Bioshock title so far into one package and it’s available for Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch right now.

Bioshock Ken Levine

“I can’t really talk about the new game, but there’s some weird sh** in that game,” said Ken Levine during the GameLab 2020 event. The project has apparently been in development for years, but it’s unannounced and untitled currently, continuing the mystery that Ken Levine likes to surround himself with. While we’re sad that the game continues to be developed without an official reveal, we also expect such quotes from the quirky Ken Levine after years of great one-liners from the Bioshock creator.

“After that, I started Irrational (Games) with a couple of other games and did System Shock 2 and that sort of was the beginning of what my current trajectory is.” continued Ken Levine. “I would say I’m very involved in the narrative and world building side down to an extremely high level and on the design side, I wrote the entire design document for System Shock 2, that was the last time I wrote a full design document. Now I sort of work with the designers to come up with what the design is, sometimes I’ll come in with a lot of big principles of what I want it to be, some pillars… I tend not to spend as much time on that.”

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Source: Gamespot