Bioshock Director is Now Working on an New Immersive Sim Game

Ken Levine is up to Something

Ken Levine, the director behind the critically acclaimed Bioshock series has announced that he is working on an “immersive sim” game. Despite being the man behind one of the most celebrated franchises in gaming, Levine has been very quiet since his time with Bioshock. However, he is now recruiting a team of developers to help him with this new and mysterious project.


From what we can tell from the job listing that was posted by Levine. He is looking for people who are good at thinking outside of the box and excel at telling stories in a fun and unique way. This might seem like something that all game developers would want in their employees but you’d be surprised.

Levine is definitely not trying to create the next big blockbuster FPS. But rather going for a much more artistic and personal game. Something that does exist on an indie level, but is not that common in mainstream gaming (excluding obvious exceptions). Whatever comes of this new game, it is sure to turn heads when it finally reaches the public.

Levine is responsible for some of the best games within the past 20 years. That reputation alone is going to attract tons of aspiring devs into Levine’s studio.

Levine has been teasing a new game for almost six years now. He first talked about working on a new game all the way back in 2014. But nothing ever came of it for unknown reasons. This new project could be the one from 2014, or this could be a totally new project. Either way, we can’t wait to see what he has in store.

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