Rumors Claim Bloodborne Will Be Remastered For PS5 and PC

When Has the Internet Ever Been Wrong About Anything?

The fan-favorite title Bloodborne has been rumored to be making its way onto the PS5 and PC. While there is next to no official information confirming this news, there have been supposed listings on Steam as well as other sources that would point in this direction. Bloodborne is often regarded as one of the best games to come out in the last few years along with its sister game Dark Soul. Renowned for its exceptionally hard single-player experience, Bloodborne is like nothing you will find in modern gaming.

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Remasters and remakes have been growing in popularity over the past decade. It would seem that every smash hit from around 2000-2015 has had some sort of reboot. While there is a lot of controversy surrounding the idea of rehashing old games, it has certainly paid off financially. Everything from Halo to Call of Duty has released some sort of a remaster. Both having various levels of success. Despite games like Bloodborne appealing to a relatively niche audience, it would not be much of a shock is something similar was attempted.

These leaks are coming from the Twitter user¬†CaseyExplosion. She has claimed that an unnamed but very trustworthy source has given her this information. It should go without saying that every “leak” should be taken with a grain of salt. There have been countless times when info like this turned out to be totally false. A remasted Bloodborne is by no means out of the realm of possibility, but the idea should be approached with a healthy amount of suspicion until things become a little clearer.

Casey went on to say that this big announcement was scheduled for June 4th but due to the delays over the recent protests and riots, it will be revealed at a later date. Stay tuned.