Rocket League Update 1.78 Is Now Live, Changes Game Forever

Smashin’ and Scorin’

If you’ve been the king of the court in Rocket League when it comes to taking down your opponents, your world has just been flipped upside down. Signing in to the game today will prompt the download of update 1.78, and with it, a slew of changes have been implemented to the way demolitions are now triggered.

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Based on the findings of eight of the most prominent Rocket League players in the world, Psyonix has made the following changes to the demolition formula:

  • Supersonic Check [UNCHANGED]

    • You are in the Supersonic State (trails visible/active on wheels)

      • Supersonic State activates at 2200 speed (max speed is 2300)

      • Going below 2100 speed instantly exits the Supersonic State

      • Going below 2200 speed, but above 2100, remains Supersonic for one second before exiting unless you accelerate back above 2200

  • Speed Check [UNCHANGED]

    • Your speed in your forward direction is at least 2100 at the time of impact

  • Forward Hit Check [NEW]

    • The line connecting your Center of Mass to the Impact Location is within 40 degrees of your forward direction

  • Victim Hit Check [NEW]

    • The line connecting the Impact Location to the Victim’s Center of Mass is within [55-90] degrees of your forward direction

    • This angle scales based on the Forward Hit Check result

      • For all impacts within 35 degrees of your forward direction, this check uses a 90-degree angle

      • For impacts between 35 and 40 degrees of your forward direction, this check scales linearly from 90 degrees down to 55. This reduces “sideswipe” demos and other undesirable use cases

  • Bumps use the same set of requirements minus the speed / supersonic checks.

You weren’t expecting anything less than a little rocket science from Rocket League, were you? If I understand things correctly, all of this pertains to adjustments made to the required precision, angle, and rocket power while going for a demolition. But you won’t know what it’s really like until you get in there and test it out for yourself.

Update 1.78 also prepares the game for future content, including the new season, said to be coming soon.

Have you experienced any of the new demolitions yet? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know.