Borderlands 3 Takedown at the Guardian Breach Goes Live Today

Once More Unto the Takedown

A week late, but just as challenging, Borderlands 3’s second Takedown has arrived. The Takedown at the Guardian Breach will test Vault Hunters with the most challenging Eridian enemies the game has to throw at you. Like the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, this mission will take you to a distant planet where you will face both living and environmental obstacles. This Borderlands 3 Takedown was originally meant to launch on June 4th, but was pushed to today due to an update blackout in solidarity of Black communities by 2K Games.

Borderlands 3 Takedown

The formula of the Takedown is largely unchanged from the last one. The only real difference is that the difficulty scaling will take place right from launch, so you will be able to run the gauntlet solo or with a full team or anything in between. The Takedown will take Vault Hunters to the planet Minos Prime, which will resemble Nekrotafeyo both visually and with the enemy presence. The planet is also unstable, leaving its gravitational pull a little weaker than you might be used to. This will allow Vault Hunters to jump with similar effects felt on Skywell-27.

Also like the previous Takedown, fallen players will not be able to respawn willy-nilly. The two spawn points will be at the beginning and in the middle of the Takedown. If you die, you will have to wait for your friends to make it to the next spawn point or die trying. There is a mini-boss just before the halfway point and a final boss at the end, Scourge. Check out the trailer above. Borderlands 3 is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia.

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