Unreal Engine 5 Will Support Mobile

Unreal Engine 5 Supports Mobile, Current and Next-Gen

The Unreal Engine 5 was recently showed off on next-gen hardware, but apparently it will also support mobile. The engine will support current and next-gen consoles, PC and mobile, covering nearly every platform that’s available today. Epic Games plans to have tools to make Unreal 5 scale down easier and more efficiently to less powerful decides, building content once and then allowing gamers and developers an easier way to play it across multiple devices. Xbox executive Phil Spencer has already unveiled that Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga utilizes the power of Unreal Engine and the game will arrive on Game Pass when it releases on next-gen hardware.

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Tim Sweeney plays no favorites when it comes to the Unreal Engine, intending to allow developers on all platforms the same tools to make quality experiences. Without making any comparisons between PC and consoles, the Epic Games CEO claimed that he “loves all of our babies.” The scalability of the next-gen engine will allow current-gen developers to start working with it in preparation for the release of the Xbox Series X and PS5. We’re looking forward to seeing all of the creations developers come up with utilizing the tools offered with Unreal Engine 5.

While we’ve been given an idea of what to expect from Unreal Engine 5 on next-gen hardware during the PS5 showcase, it’ll be interesting to see how mobile developers will utilize it and what those games look like when completed. The tech demo impressed gamers and developers alike but we have yet to play a game that features the latest Unreal Engine. It’s exciting that all of the dedicated hardware will be supported for the foreseeable future, giving gamers Unreal Engine 5 experiences to appreciate for years to come across all of their favorite devices.

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Source: Twinfinite