Ubisoft Has Announced Their Digital Press Conference

Another E3 Replacement This July

As the conference announcements roll in, it seems like the big show is getting scattered to the four winds. Case in point, Ubisoft has announced their own digital press conference for this year, this one taking place on July 12th, 2020. We’ll be spending all summer soaking up gaming news, you guys.


On the one hand, this is great news for developers. Rather than crowding around for attention during the busiest week of the year, this is a chance for the big boys to carve out their own territory, Nintendo Direct style. Depending on how successful this strategy is, we might see all the top dogs adopt this strategy going forward. Nintendo has been doing it for years, after all.

On the other hand, what about the little guys? The tiny teams who rely on that yearly signal boost to get their games on the map? New events like the Guerrilla Collective are attempting to round people up for a replacement digital showcase. Yet even this might not be enough to fill that void. Simply put, we won’t know the real impact of E3’s absence until long after the fact. Until then, we’ll keep an eye on every event that attempts to swoop in and take that space. Who knows? Perhaps a new king is forging their crown, even now.