Take-Two Interactive Will Be Cranking Out 93 New Games in the Next Five Years

Take-Two’s Five-Year Plan¬†

Take-Two Interactive is best known for being the publishers behind Rockstar’s world-renowned series like Red Dead Redemption and GTA. While most fans are anxiously waiting for news about GTA VI, Take-Two Interactive has announced that they have a mountain of new games planned for the next 5 years. According to the publisher, they have 93 games “full games” that they plan to release within that time period.

GTA Online

What these games are going to be exactly is anyone’s guess at this point. But judging from their previous work, it is unlikely that these future titles are going to be forgettable or lackluster. Take-Two is one of the most influential companies within the gaming industry and their past resume has shown us that they do not take their projects lightly.

There was no mention of a sixth GTA game, but one could only assume that is it going to be one of the 93 games that they game planned. There has been a ton of new rumors about the next Grand Theft Auto game over the past few months and it seems as though some of them might be accurate. It should not be assumed that a new GTA is around the corner, but it is a safe bet that Rockstar and Take-Two are working on it right now.

While this plan is very ambitious and exciting to a lot of people, there is no guarantee that all of these games are going to see the light of day thanks to the myriad of things that can go wrong in a game’s development process. Regardless of what happens, there is a lot to look forward too in this decade.

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