RIDE 4 Racing to Current-Gen Consoles This October

Motorcycle Racing Gets Refined With RIDE 4

Developers at Milestone continue to refine the simulation motorcycle racing with the RIDE series and RIDE 4 will be releasing for current-gen consoles this fall. RIDE 4 offers a revamped career mode, improvements to pit stops, dynamic lighting and weather systems, visual enhancements and more improvements to the established formula. While next-gen consoles are expected this holiday season, RIDE 4 will be releasing for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 8th, with no word on a release on next-gen consoles.


RIDE 4 is the first title in the franchise to see a partnership between Milestone and Yamaha Motor and Bridgestone, bringing official vehicles and gear from both respective brands. It’ll be interesting to see how this partnership improves the established formula set with RIDE 3. Milestone are promising advancements to their Neural Network AI to refine the racing style of other racers on the racecourse. Milestone will be adding a new Endurance mode with RIDE 4, giving fans of the series more content to burn through.

Although MotoGP 20 released very recently, Milestone has clearly been working hard to improve the RIDE formula and continue to innovate in the motorcycle simulation racing with each title. It’ll be interesting to see if RIDE 4 will be multi-generational or if it will be one of the late installments for current-gen consoles alone. We hope to see Milestone secure more partnerships like the one they have with Yamaha Motor and Bridgestone as they continue to evolve the formula. While we consider the RIDE series difficult for newcomers to master, there’s no question that Milestone continues to improve the simulated motorcycle racing with each title. Are you curious what we thought about RIDE 3? Check out our review here!

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Source: Gaming Bolt