Outriders Broadcast Accidentally Leaks Unannounced 4th Class

Outriders Accidentally Leaks Unannounced 4th Class

You heard it here first: Outriders mysterious 4th class has leaked in the first edition of Outriders Broadcast! No doubt the video was so full of content it would have been easy to miss (hell, we missed it the first time too!) But Outriders fans with a sharp eye may have noticed at 8:55 into the video they scroll through an achievement menu. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, the 4th unannounced class is right there for all to see!

Outriders has been tight-lipped on social media and in press events as to the identity of the 4th class which makes it unfortunate this little slip up made it into the video. What could it be you ask? The answer is simple and seems obvious once you know it: The Technomancer.

Outriders 4th class

Back in February we went to an exclusive Outriders event to go hands on with the game. We had a few ideas and some loose speculation as to what the 4th class might be but Technomancer never came up – why would it in a world devoid of technology? Details have still not been released on the class as of yet but speculation is that it will function as a medium to long range specialist and could operate as a “summoner” type class, one of the few features not yet seen in the other classes.

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