Days Gone Devs Tout Impressive Statistics

Days Gone Has Been Played For Millions of Hours

On the one year anniversary of the release of Days Gone, Bend Studios had some impressive statistics to show off on their official Twitter account. Bend Studio revealed that gamers have played a total of 200 million hours playing Days Gone, clearing 45 million hordes and 32 million infestations. These impressive numbers were included alongside some other statistics that showed just how popular Days Gone has been since it released in April of last year. Days Gone is available exclusively for the PS4 now, with updates constantly evolving the action-adventure survival horror game over time.

Days Gone

“A year ago, players took their first ride on the Broken Road. Thanks for sharing all the great memories you’ve had in Days Gone and amazing photo mode screenshots!” said Bend Studios on their official Twitter account. “We love all of you!” Their enthusiasm for the player base may stem from the success Days Gone was able to achieve despite it being a new IP and their only title on the PlayStation 4. While it did receive high acclaim when it released, Days Gone has remained relevant through supporting the game since it released. We’re looking forward to seeing the next Bend Studios title whether it’s on current or next-gen hardware.

Days Gone gamers have cleared 30 million ambush camps and reached 30 million checkpoints according to Bend Studios. With the motorcycle being a key component of the survival horror game, over 8 billion credits have been spent in bike repairs alone, while 450 million collectibles have been found and 655 million dumpsters have been dived. In terms of challenges, 12.5 million have been completed, with 1.4 million patches earned. One trillion challenge points have been earned over the course of 42,000 total days played as a result; that’s a lot of Days Gone! Are you curious what we thought about Days Gone? Check out our review here!

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Source: Game Rant