Days Gone’s Massive Update Actually Reduces Games Size

Update 1.61 Does a Lot of Optimization

Days Gone received an update today that can help you reduce the amount of memory you’re using on your PS4. Of course, you’ll need to have 30 GB available to download the thing first.

Days Gone

Update 1.61 optimizes the game’s file size and manages to reduce the memory used by 33%. The original game file takes up 60 GB. After installing the new update the file size goes down to around 38 GB.

The update does more than just reduce the game’s size, it also contains a variety of bug fixes and small improvements. The update notes are listed below.

General Fixes

  • The mission “Better to Light One Candle” bounty should able be obtained properly
  • General optimization towards certain missions
  • Scoring will properly apply when utilizing oxygen tanks in the “Reloaded” Challenge
  • The mission “The Anarchist Spy” will properly reset traps if you fail the mission
  • The mission “Out of Nowhere” helicopter’s light are been fixed
  • General optimization prior to playing before the game fully downloads
  • General improvements to optimization and stability

Days Gone developer SIE Bend Studio also wants players to know that the DLC challenges that have been released so far are intended to be available indefinitely.The previous update for Days Gone was released over three months ago. Update 1.60 brought Death Stranding themed items to the game.


Source; Playstation Lifestyle