Battlefield 6 Could Have Another Version of Firestrom at Launch

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance 

Battlefield 5 has not gone according to plan. Since the first teaser trailer was unleashed on the public only a few years ago, the lifespan of Dice’s latest game has been a bumpy ride. Among one of the many shortcomings of Battlefield 5 has been its battle royale mode Firestorm. While there was some excitement surrounding this new addition to the series, the hype quickly died out and Firestorm is now considered a dead game mode. Despite the poor response from the fanbase, there is a very good chance that Dice is going to take the risk next time around and add another version of battle royale into Battlefield 6.

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Firestorm was by no means unplayable but it simply suffered from the low player count that was affecting the rest of Battlefield 5. By the time Firestorm was added to Battlefield 5 many longtime fans were already heading to the exits. Taking an objective look at the game on its own, it is a pretty run of the mill battle royale game. However, now that Dice has pretty much stopped supporting Battlefield 5 altogether, they will have to go back to the drawing board.

With the enormous success of other battle royale titles and especially Call of Duty: Warzone, it is going to be tough for Dice to try and put away this project for good. If all the speculation about the next Battlefield game being set in modern times is true then there is no reason why they would not want to give it another go. In many ways, the Battlefield formula could thrive in a battle royale scenario if just given the proper support and attention that it needs.

The next Battlefield game is arriving sometime next year, so we will have to wait until then to find out for sure.