Resident Evil 3 DLC Unlikely According to Leaker

A Leaker Recently Suggested That Resident Evil 3 DLC is Unlikely

According to a credible Capcom leaker known as Dusk Golem, Resident Evil 3 DLC won’t likely happen because the developers at┬áM-Two are working on a new title. Although the next Resident Evil remake hasn’t been shown off yet or announced, it’s possible M-Two are working on a remake for another RE title due to the roll they’re on with the Capcom remakes. The Resident Evil 3 remake is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC right now, with Resistance bringing multiplayer to the classic experience.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

“Everyone keeps on asking me about RE3 DLC. The honest answer is – I don’t know,” claimed Dusk Golem. “That said, I find it incredibly unlikely as to my knowledge work stopped on RE3 some time ago. M-Two are already working on another game. Resistance has some updates coming up if interested in that.” When asked which title M-Two are working on, Dusk Golem said, “You’ll find out very soon, though I think it’s a bad time for it to be revealed and it’s still something like two years out from release.” We aren’t sure which Resident Evil game to expect from the developers but we’re looking forward to another classic RE experience.

Capcom recently released a survey asking Resident Evil fans whether they’d like to continue seeing RE remakes moving forward and as fans of them ourselves, we hope most fans agree that it’s worth it for them to revisit the classics. Are you curious what we thought about the Resident Evil 3 Remake? Check out our review here! We aren’t sure what to expect from M-Two for their next title but if these rumors are accurate, we can expect another game announced by them in the near future and from the looks of it, Capcom is still interested in remakes.

Are you hoping for more RE remakes or do you want a follow-up to Resident Evil 7? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech