Project Resistance Criticism Answered By Producer Matt Walker

Thank You, but I Respectfully Disagree

It wasn’t too long ago that a new Resident Evil title was in the works and being tested. Being from a franchise like Resident Evil, there was a lot of excitement, naturally. Some of that hype was stifled a little bit when Project Resistance was revealed to be a departure from the classic Resident Evil games. Before the game really even had a chance to waft about, Capcom was met with Project Resistance criticism from a vocal group of fans. We get it, change can be scary. And while fans deserve to be heard, Capcom is confident in the decision they are making.

Project Resistance Criticism

It is not uncommon for fans and publishers or developers to butt heads every now and then. Whether it involves an exclusivity deal, updates, artistic designs, or in this case gameplay changes, it is always a delicate situation. In an effort to diffuse any feelings of being abandoned or ignored, Capcom producer Matt Walker took to Twitter to reassure fans. In his tweet, he wrote, “Been seeing a lot of people who are not pleased with the idea that we’re making Project Resistance. It’s totally valid that people want more of that quality core experience offered in RE2 and RE7. My take- we as a company need to continue to branch out and try to offer up new [end of tweet]”.

To be fair to fans, asymmetrical multiplayer games are not for everyone, and it seems to becoming a crowded genre. 7 Days to Die, Friday the 13:  The Game, Last Year: The Nightmare; this may be new for the Resident Evil series, but not for gaming on a macro level. However, big changes to the Resident Evil games have often led to big successes. Moving from a fixed camera to an over-the-shoulder view in Resident Evil 4 created one of the most celebrated games ever, not just in the RE series. Then shifting Resident Evil 7 to a first-person game also created great success for Capcom. Let’s give Project Resistance a chance before we dismissing it. The beta for Project Resistance will be coming out in October.

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Source: Twitter