Capcom May Have a New Resident Evil Game in Development

“To All Resident Evil Ambassadors”

Capcom is on the hunt for player feedback, specifically Japanese Resident Evil fan feedback. Earlier this week, an email went out to “Resident Evil Ambassadors.” The email was asking for game testers who have played games in the Resident Evil series. While they do not specifically mention that the game being tested is a new Resident Evil game, what else could it be? Unless it is a clone also made by Capcom, we can assume it is RE. This game in development is by Capcom’s Division 1, which is behind RE and Devil May Cry.

New Resident Evil Game

The email (translated by Resident Evil fansite Biohaze) reads:

To all Resident Evil Ambassadors,

Thank you for your patronage regarding the Resident Evil series.

Today, we are letting you know that we are recruiting testers for a game that’s in development!!

We are interested in incorporating the feedback of all Ambassadors into our development, so please read the details below and, if you are interested in participating, click the Entry button.

Let’s break out the old conspiracy theory corkboard and red yarn. What game could this be? Assuming that this is indeed a Resident Evil title, there are a few possibilities. One of them is a Resident Evil 3 Remake. Capcom knows everyone wants one. There had even been some alluding to plans for a remake like Resident Evil 2. Other possibilities are the Nintendo Switch ports of Resident Evil 5 and 6, which are being released later this year. It’s a long shot, but another possibility is that Resident Evil 8 is in the early stages of development.

What game do you think is being tested? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Biohaze