GAEMS Guardian Pro XP is An Awesome Portable Gaming Environment and It Launched Today

GAEMS Guardian Pro XP is Available Now

GAEMS today announced its most ambitious hardware ever, the Guardian Pro XP, has launched in North America. We took a look at the Guardian at E3 and you can check out our full preview HERE. Just keep in mind, this is the one that does NOT include the PC.

According to the press release, the “Guardian Pro XP is the ultimate personal gaming environment for pro gamers, serious gamers and content creators who need to take along a premium gaming experience wherever they go. The Guardian Pro XP is the only professional-grade Personal Gaming Environment for console and PC gamers featuring GAEMS’ legendary portability and protection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One consoles, and even supports several micro ATX PCs, all built into a TSA-friendly hardshelled case which adheres to most carry-on luggage requirements.”

Guardian XP

The Guardian features an ultra-low latency 24″ Quad-HD anti-glare IPS gaming monitor with HDR support and FreeSync technology. The proprietary GAEMS Dynamic SoundStage surrounds you with rich sound created by a 12W integrated power amp powering 9W chambered, stereo speakers and passive subwoofers, or game to yourself using the 3.5mm audio jack. Charge your controllers, phones and other devices conveniently through the Guardian Media Center. Mount your streaming camera, custom microphone or lighting solution to the patented Picatinny Rail of your open Guardian and look sharp for the content you create! Capture your game stream via the integrated HDMI output and see why splitters are yesterday’s news.

Guardian XP Pro

Key specs for Guardian Pro XP include:

  • Patented industrial-grade hard-shell case with proprietary metal-hinged design
  • 24″ Quad HD IPS panel
  • Proprietary Dynamic SoundStage with 12W power amp, chambered 9W speakers, passive subwoofers and Surround Processor
  • Integrated Media Center with HDMI 1.4 Input, 3.5 Headphone Jack, High Speed USB Hub Port (from console power) to 3x USB Ports (1x USB 3.0@1.8A & 2x USB 3.0@0.9A) duplicating console functions and providing passive power for charging while Guardian is Off
  • External rear HDMI Output for streaming and sharing monitor content
  • Patented Picatinny Rail mounting system for cameras, microphones, lighting and other equipment used for professional streaming (accessories sold separately)
  • HDMI 1.4 cable
  • AC 100v-240v/DC, 19V, 4.74 Amp Power adapter
  • Product Dimensions (inches) – 23.45″ w x 16.9″ d x 4.79″ h
  • Compatibility: Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4
  • Slim & fits some Micro ATX PC hardware

The Guardian Pro XP is now available for $699.99 at participating retailers.

More information about the GAEMS Guardian Pro XP can be found at: