Make Your Own Legendary Luck in the New Borderlands 3 Events

Legendary Days for Days

If you are panicking about not having enough of something during these trying times, do not panic-shop. Hording toilet paper and hand sanitizer does not help you, and it can cause harm to others. However, there is something you can horde; legendary gear. Gearbox is making it easy to get all the legendary items you want in the newest Borderlands 3 events. Last week, coinciding with the release of the second major DLC, two simultaneous events began; Door Busters and Co-op Loot Drop. These allowed vending machines to sell legendary gear and boosted drop rate when playing co-op, respectively. But those events have passed and been replaced by new ones.

Borderlands 3 Events

Earlier this week, Slot Machine Mania and Trails Take All are here for both the passive and active legendary hunters. Slot Machine Mania has increased the rate of encountering legendary gear, but has also increased the rate of active grenade drops. To achieve this temporary rebalance, all other gear rarity has lowered. On the more active end of the spectrum, Trails Take All focuses on the Proving Ground Trials. These are like mini-Takedowns in the base game. This event guarantees that each boss from the Proving Ground Trials drops gear from it’s loot pool. This will make farming for a specific item much easier.

These events will be active until April 9th, when two more events will take their place. On top of these events, more hotfixes have come to the game, boosting certain gear as well as my girl Moze, as if she wasn’t good enough already. Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

Have you been taking advantage of any of these events? Let us know in the comments below.

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