Learn Ember’s Story in The Last Campfire

Hello Games Gives Us More of the Story

While most of the team is still waist-deep in No Man’s Sky Beyond, a small crew within Hello Games has been plugging away at The Last Campfire. During today’s Inside Xbox showcase, we got a better look at the game, including some background on Ember, as well as some gameplay.

The Last Campfire

So what drives our pillow-shaped protagonist forward? A soft-spoken narrator, for one. She regales the audience (namely, you) with the heart-warming tale that is this game, touching on Ember’s actions and inner thoughts. The trailer below suggests Ember will be somewhat low on companions, with the other characters being mostly very dead. At least they have things you can loot!

Those of you new to this cute puzzle adventure will immediately notice a familiar motif, that of an adorable protagonist in a big scary world. You explore this world, solving puzzles and the like, in order to find your way home. The developers have worked to ensure that the puzzles never feel repetitive, with each new one being a whole new brain-burner for you to agonize over. The Last Campfire is currently set for release sometime in 2020 for the Xbox One and the PC.