This Cosplay Music Video Features Beautiful and Super Talented Cosplayers

New Japan Expo Cosplay Music Video From Mineralblu is Fantastic

Before the pandemic broke out, an Expo was held in Bangkok several weeks ago and the YouTube channel “Mineralbu” was there to capture tons of amazing characters. We frequently share videos and sexy cosplayers from all sorts of trade shows. So whenever we stumble on an amazing video, we share it. But before we share with you the video, here are some quick pics and highlights from some of the best cosplay we have posted this year. Warning, this is very NSFW.

Danica Rockwood’s Cosplay Puts Everyone Else On Notice

Danica Rockwood

Khainsaw’s Steamy Cosplay Hurts So Good

Khainsaw Cosplay

The Seductive Cosplay of YuzuPyon

YuzoPyon Cosplay

Cosplaying is a big deal to this show and you can see why when you check out the video on the next page. But before you check out the video be sure to check out some of the other features we post here at COGconnected. Some time ago we also posted some sexy body paint cosplay that everyone seemed to enjoy. Of course, Jessica Nigri has always been a COGconnected fav. Now, we usually post galleries of brilliant and sexy cosplay but this time we thought we would share with you an amazing video. This video is from mineralblu.

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