Square Enix Posts Interview Ahead of FF VII Remake Release

All of Your Questions Are Kind of Answered

Great news for Final Fantasy fans! Square Enix has posted an extended interview with the developers in anticipation of the remake release date next month. The interview features a lot of established information, along with a couple of new tidbits to soak up while we wait for April.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

For instance, Red XIII will not be a proper playable character this time around. This is terrible news for anyone who like, used him in the original game. There will be sections where he’s kind of playable, but only in an acrobatics/QTE/high drama sort of way. Apparently the devs felt like he’s introduced late enough that there isn’t time to explore his character properly, just yet. As for future releases, who knows?

There was also some comments on Classic Mode. Essentially, this is for people who love Final Fantasy and aren’t down with how action-oriented it’s gotten lately. People who haven’t played much since VII originally came out, in other words. Finally, there were some extended comments on the new Midgar, and how its been expanded. All of those black loading screens were concealing bits of the city that are now going to be explicitly explored. You can check out the whole dang interview here. Final Fantasy VII: Remake is coming to PS4 on April 10th, 2020, assuming nothing goes pandemically wrong in the interim.